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Boston Marathon Runners: You Rock

Posted by on April 17, 2012


We are so in awe of our teammates, friends, and all of the runners we saw yesterday at our support station at the top of Heartbreak Hill. You guys kicked the heat’s ass and gave us a chance to be a little part of your inspiring day. So for that, we thank YOU!

There were many highlights from yesterday; here are our top ten:

1. Hearing 150 orange vuvuzellas at once.
2. Turning our water stop into a “car wash” sponge squeezing station at the last minute.
3. Getting heartfelt “I love yous” &  marriage proposals from runners (we love you too!)
4. Squeezing icy cold soaked sponges on each other by mistake.
5. Meeting Ethan, the awesome neighbor who let us use his hose when we ran out of water.
6. Spotting every one of our Team RaceMenu runners, whether in their bright orange singlet or their charity team gear.
7. Turning away just as ultra marathoner Dean Karnazes reached down his pants with a handful of ice.
8. Seeing everyone from Team Hoyt, especially our good friends and race partners Dick & Rick.
9. Accidentally squeezing water onto photographers with really expensive cameras.
10. Witnessing the positive attitude and determination each of you needed to reach the finish line.