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Nate Runs with Team RaceMenu!

Posted by on March 12, 2012

We are excited to announce that World Championship Marathon qualifier Nate Jenkins is now sporting a RaceMenu singlet in his races! Here he is in his debut, winning the St. Paddy’s 5-Miler in Portsmouth, NH.

Nate Jenkins is well known throughout New England for his running prowess. While competing for UMass-Lowell, he was the Northeast Regional XC Champion. He’s placed in the Top 10 at 3 USATF National Championships and has been the top American finisher at the Utica Boilermaker. Nate took 7th place at the US Olympic Marathon Trials in 2007 with a blazing 2:14:56 in New York. In 2008, Nate was the RRCA National 5K champion. He’s returned to the USATF-NE Grand Prix Series this year, kicking it off with a bang running a 51:26 (5:09 pace) at the Jones 10 Miler to place 2nd overall.

But let’s get serious – that’s all stuff we know from going to races & seeing him in the race results! So here’s some more details about Nate Jenkins – as he put it, sort of an odd life goals achieved list:

  • Scalp list (people beaten) includes Olympic medalist, American record holders, Kenyan national record holders and a world record holder
  • Has signed autographs for people who didn’t speak English
  • Once traveled back in time (left Japan at 4pm on a monday and arrived in Dallas at 9am the same Monday)
  • Had dinner with Olympian & Playboy model Amy Acuff
  • Trick-or-treated with Isla Ratcliffe (Paula Ratcliffe‘s daughter)
  • Once was on a run with American record holder Molly Huddle when they ran by Frank Shorter; Nate said, “Hi Frank,” Frank responded, “Hi Nate” (Nate: ‘yup, Frank Shorter knew my name!’)
  • Bill Rodgers once requested a seat next to me on a plane
  • Set a PR at a race that called itself the world’s toughest
  • Raced two countries in three days
  • Ran in two countries the same day
  • Had a snowball fight with Japanese Marathon Record holder Toshinari Takaoka
  • Stood between Bernard Lagat and Galen Rupp on the starting line of a race
  • Have been to both the most climbed mountain in the world, Mount Fuji, and the second most climbed mountain in the world, Mount Monadnock, though has only ran up one of them
  • Shared a common college roommate with Ryan Hall
  • Broke a course record held by Kenyan legend Gideon Mutisya
  • Was once confronted on a run by a wolf
  • Once played a game of tag with a deer
  • Has raced in 17 states so far on his quest to race in all 50 states
  • Longest single training run 32 miles
  • Biggest single training day 36 miles
  • Most miles in a 7 day period 193
  • Once averaged 160 miles a week for 6 weeks
  • Have averaged over 100 miles a week for the last 10 years

While Nate does not have an active streak of days run in a row , he has run an average of over 100 miles a week dating all the way back to January 2002. Oh, and that is despite the fact that he had to take 6 weeks off completely for back surgery.

How did he manage that?

“Well, when you keep that weekly average over 110 a couple years in a row…”

Favorite Music: he listens to a lot of  88.9 WERS (Emerson Radio), which means a steady stream of Deer Tick, Delta Spirit, & Vampire Weekend.

Favorite Books: he said he’s probably read every running book on the planet, but outside of that genre he recommends anything by Tom Robbins. Check out Still Life With Woodpecker and Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates.

Favorite Beer: he’s a big fan of PBR. Keepin’ it real.

We’re excited to have Nate join the squad; make sure to say hello to him after a race! Nate has also just joined Twitter – as of the publishing of this post, he didn’t have any followers. Let’s fix that! Follow him at @NateJRuns