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National Running Day

Posted by on June 6, 2012

June 6th is National Running Day. How are you recognizing it? We (obviously) love running and are celebrating today because we get to do what we love every day.

Team RaceMenu at Reach the Beach: MA 2012Why running? Here are some reasons:

1. It is inexpensive. No gym membership required. Just go buy a pair of shoes (or don’t)!

2. It is convenient.  You can go for a run wherever, whenever. Even sneaking out the door at lunch for 20-30 minutes is a great workout.

3. It is independent – but can be very social. You can modify any workout and adjust it to your own fitness level. No need to wait for anyone else if you don’t want to – though running with friends (or making new friends through running) can make it much more enjoyable. Do the people in this picture look like they are sleep deprived and just spent 25 hours driving across Massachusetts, taking turns running along to complete the Reach The Beach Relay? Heck no, they are having a blast! (Graham, Seth, and Bridget must have missed the sunglasses memo).

4. It is a stress reliever. 
There’s nothing like getting out in the fresh air for a few miles to clear your head.

 5. It is the only sport where anyone can line up with the best in the world. You can run the Boston Marathon – and many other races – on the same course and on the same day with elite athletes. (No matter how good your basketball team is, you aren’t qualifying for the NBA Finals).

On National Running Day, we encourage you to find your reason to start or continue running, find a new running buddy, set a new goal, or just remember what positive effects running has on your life.

Visit the National Running Day website to get some inspiration on how to celebrate June 6th; You may want to consider joining the Marathon Sports run group’s weekly run tonight at 6:30 p.m. from their stores in Wellesley, Boston, or Brookline. Check out their website for more information:

While you’re at it, hit the National Running Day meetup page to check out a variety of other awesome events being held in honor of National Running Day in the Boston area – or add your own to the list!

Too busy to celebrate today? Don’t sweat it! Join us at Boston Irish Festival’s 5K race this Saturday, June 9th in Canton.

Runners and walkers are both welcome to register and stay for the post-race party that features food, refreshments, great music and FREE entry into the Boston Irish Festival.

Click here to register!

Enjoy National Running day, however you plan to celebrate it – we hope to see you out there on the roads!