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RaceDay: On-site Mobile Event Registration and Payment via QR Code

Posted by on March 14, 2012

Every Race Director wishes for beautiful weather on the day of the race. But what comes with beautiful weather? The possibility of an overwhelming number of entrants who show up at the last minute to sign up. The RaceDay app is here to help!

By using RaceDay,  you & your runners will be able to:

  • Get day-of entrants registered in seconds rather than minutes.
  • Transact secure credit card payments without additional hardware.
  • Eliminate paper registration forms and all the headaches they bring.
  • Ensure accurate runner information is listed in the results.

RaceDay for Entrants

Event entrants sign up on RaceMenu’s mobile site in less than a minute to generate their personalized RaceDay QR code. They can also print the QR code prior to the event. At the event, the participant displays their QR code to the event organizer to provide their name, age, gender and optional payment information. RaceDay supports cash, check, and credit card payments.

RaceDay for Organizers

Using a smartphone or tablet with a camera, event organizers can quickly process on-site registrations by scanning the participants’ QR codes. For added security, participants paying by credit card are required to confirm with a pin code. To complete registration, the organizer captures the participant’s signature on the mobile device and sends them on their way.

Entry data is captured in a spreadsheet that is easily imported into timing software – eliminating the need to manually key in (often illegible) handwritten forms.

We are so excited about RaceDay that we even put out a press release!  You can read it here:
RaceMenu Launches Mobile Solution for On-Site Event Registration and Payment

For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact