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We Are Boston: FREE Weekly Workouts

Posted by on April 17, 2013

Shut off the 24-hour news. Find time to unwind & go for a run. Here’s a list of FREE weekly fitness workouts put on by some amazing groups in the Boston area. Please comment below with anything that should be added!

Please remember – for all of these weekly events that head out on city sidewalks & roads, be respectful of all other runners, walkers, cyclists, and drivers. These are not runs that shut down traffic. We are all in this together, Boston. Let’s try to heal together while respecting one another. Say thank you to the car that stops at a crosswalk for you. Give a high five to a runner going the opposite direction. SMILE (or cry, and know that’s OK, too). We hope to see you soon!

Image from Marathon Sports' 4/15/2013 Newsletter.


November Project’s Destination Deck – 6:30am. Each Friday they post the destination at which they all meet to begin their 6:30AM “Deck Of Cards” workout. You will be in charge of getting yourself to the workout by running or jogging. If you live over 6 miles you qualify to take the MBTA or drive. Each Monday location will be different and announced via blog post/social media, and you will be encouraged to use in order to find your way to the group meeting point. Don’t worry, the post will be exact – you wont get lost. MORE INFO

TMIRCE’s LULULEMON FUN, FOOD, FRIENDS – 6pm. Get your daily sweat started Monday evenings with the Prulu Run Club. Any and all are welcome. Run Club meets at lululemon Prudential Center at 6:00pm (*you can leave your stuff in a dressing room at lululemon). 4.5, 5, and 6 mile routes around scenic Downtown Boston along the Charles River Esplanade. Breathtaking views of downtown Boston and good company…guaranteed. Back Bay Social Club (867 Boylston) BBSC will be hosting some yummy appetizers I hear. MORE INFO

Somerville Road Runners’ Bur-run – 6:45pm. SRR hosts a free weekly 5K Fun Run on Monday nights at 6:45pm at the Burren Pub and Restaurant (247 Elm Street) in Davis Sq, Somerville. No need to sign up in advance – just show up by 6:45pm and sign in when you arrive. Bring reflective gear. MORE INFO


City Sports Run Club – Back Bay – 6pm. (they were unable to meet yesterday due to the area being on lockdown, but they look forward to starting back up next week). Membership is free, all you need to do is sign a waiver. You can download the waiver at the link!  MORE INFO

TMIRCE’s Track Workout at Harvard – 6:30pm. Have you always wanted to run a little stronger, a little faster, and have some motivated people around to help push you along? Well now you can have all of those things at the best Track workout ever. The workout is a simple speed workout designed to add strength and a bit of llama speed to your run. MORE INFO

Kier Byrnes Freedom Runners – 7:15pm. Head on down to Courtside located at 291 Cambridge Street Cambridge, MA at 7:15pm for our weekly group run.  You can choose to do the 2 mile loop, 3, 4, or even 5.  They always have people running all distances at different paces.  When you arrive, let them know if you are new so they can welcome you properly and get you paired up with a running buddy.  MORE INFO


November Project’s Stadium – 6:30am. Located in lower Allston, Harvard Stadium is one of the favorite workout spots of the November Project tribe. To put it short and simple, they run up the big seats and come down the small steps. MORE INFO

Marathon Sports – Wellesley – 6:30pm. Post run they have been taking turns bringing snacks and refreshments. Every month the store will bring in a vendor to present to the group. There are all ages and paces welcome! The route typically consists of a 3-5 mile course of rolling terrain on the streets of Wellesley. Reflective gear must be worn, and is provided if you do not have any. MORE INFO

Marathon Sports – Brookline – 6:30pm. UPDATE: on 4/17, this run will be at 7:00PM in order to let runners from the Boston run club to get out there – please wear blue or yellow and bring a blinking light if you have one! All are welcome.

Marathon Sports – Boylston- PLEASE, DO NOT head to the Boylston Street location for Run Club this evening to respect the ongoing investigation; It’ll be back in the coming weeks – instead, consider joining the Brookline run (see above). It will start at 7pm instead of the normal 6:30pm in order to give people time to get there. GIVE MARATHON SPORTS SOME FACEBOOK LOVE.


TMIRCE FIT – 6:45am. Magazine Beach Workout Park. Are you looking to ratchet up your workout routine? Want to get in shape in a fun, supportive environment? Head out Thursday morning – 6:45am sharp – for TMIRCE:BOS #FiT. They meet at the Magazine Beach workout area near the BU Bridge (limited parking available in lot.) MORE INFO

lululemon athletica Newbury Street, Boston – 6pm. 2-4mi social and fun run followed by apps at Mass Ave Tavern. Lead by local runners and lululemon athletica ambassadors. You can leave your belongings there! MORE INFO

lululemon athletica Burlington (run meets in LEXINGTON) – 6:30pm. Meet at Ride Studio Cafe! 1720 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington MA, 02420. Join us for a 3-5 mile run through Lexington center and the surrounding area. Runners of all levels are encouraged (especially if you are new to running!). Runs can be lengthened or decreased depending on who comes. 🙂 MORE INFO

South End Athletic Company – 6:30pm. 652 Tremont, Boston – Speed and Plyometric Drills (Total 4-5 miles). MORE INFO

Somerville Road Runners’ Thursday Night 4.06 Miler – 7:15pm. Casey’s Bar. It may be snowing. It may be raining. The blood of a Communist revolution may be flowing through the streets. The SRR Thursday Night Run will happen every week at 7:15 PM, no matter what! Wanna run it? Great! It’s FREE! PLEASE NOTE: All runners must sign the waiver sheet at the beginning of the run. For the safety of runners and volunteers, all runners must be able to finish the run within 60 minutes and wear reflective clothing or lights when it is dark outside. SRR can provide a number of runners with reflective vests. MORE INFO
SRR Update for 4/18:

The City of Somerville has invited SRR and Tufts University to take part in a vigil Thursday evening (more details here). As such, the event will be marked by a special Casey’s Run that is untimed. We will meet at Casey’s and head out at the usual time. Please feel free to wear Boston Marathon memorobilia (or any race memorabilia).

We will begin with a moment of silence, then run the shortened ‘fireworks loop’ to Magoun’s Square, and then take Medford Street to School Street to join our neighbors at the city-hall commemoriation. Anyone is welcome to speak at the vigil. Following that, we’ll head back to Casey’s to be with our SRR family.


November Project’s Summit Ave – 6:30am. Summit Avenue is a street that goes up the Corey Hill located on the Brighton – Brookline line. For this workout, you’ll run the .4-mile long portion on the Brookline side. PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON SUMMIT AVE. KEEPING SUMMIT AVE CLEAR IS WHAT MAKES THIS WORKOUT POSSIBLE. AGAIN, PARK ON BEACON AND WALK, RIDE, JOKE, OR CRAWL YOUR WAY TO THE PARK AT THE SUMMIT OF SUMMIT. MORE INFO


City Sports Porter Square – 10am.
CITYSPORTS UPDATE 4/18 Originally this run was developed as a grassroots event to celebrate our 30th Anniversary; in response to Monday’s tragedy we have shifted our mission and will now use this opportunity to honor the Boston running community and support One Fund. For every runner that attends the 5k run this weekend, City Sports will donate $5 to One Fund. Additionally, on Saturday we will be releasing a commemorative tee at Porter Square, which ALL proceeds will be donated to One Fund. MORE INFO

South End Athletic Company – 10am. 652 Tremont, Boston – Longer run (5-9 miles). MORE INFO

TMIRCE / CitySports Comm Ave – 10:30am. Meet up with The Most Informal Running Club Ever on the Boston side of the Charles River for the weekly Saturday Fun Run. They’ll split up into groups depending on the turnout for distance and time goals for 4,6 or 7 mile loops. It’s your choice! What to expect: a seriously fun group of runners who definitely do not take running too seriously . They meet, chat, RUN, stretch, chat, EAT BREAKFAST and then leave. It’s that easy. MORE INFO


CitySports Run Club – Wellesley – 9am. MORE INFO

  • Lululemon Burlington Also does a free run..

    WHEN: Thursdays, 6:30pm

    WHERE: Meet at Ride Studio Cafe!
    1720 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington MA, 02420

  • RandomRunner

    Love this list!
    I’m planning on bookmarking this, hopefully it’s updated from time to time.
    Thanks for posting it.

  • CEB

    South End Athletic Club does runs on Thursdays and Saturday’s

  • brendan kearney

    Do you have more details – distance, link?

  • brendan kearney

    Do you have more details – time, distance, link? Are those runs all FREE? (I left off the Somerville Road Runners’ track workout since it is for dues paying members only).

  • brendan kearney

    You bet. We may migrate it to a page and keep that updated rather than a blog post. We’ll see. Thanks for reading – and please share / attend!

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  • brendan kearney

    thanks, added the info from the facebook link. that was great!

  • brendan kearney

    added, thank you!

  • Aly

    lululemon athletica Newbury Street Thursdays 6pm 2-4mi social and fun run followed by apps at Mass Ave Tavern. Lead by local runners and lululemon athletica ambassadors. You can leave your belongings there!