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What’s Your Favorite Running Book? (Part II)

Posted by on August 21, 2012

Well, it happened again. You sent us some great tips for books about running that I need to add to my summer reading list. Between comments on the blog, Twitter, and Facebook, there were more than enough for another whole post! So here they are – your suggestions for great running books:

Recommendations that people posted in comments on the original post:

“Going Long is also a good one! It’s a compilation of the longer Runners World articles.”
– Josh Warren



“From a desk at Level Renner HQ: Running w/ the Legends, Running to the Top, Jack Daniels Running Formula, Sport Physiology…who knew there were so many subgenres to the running genre. Two good unpublished running books too: Beads of Sweat and The Warner Trail. Ray Charbonneau (local guy) has some good stuff too.”

– Kevin from LevelRenner


“A little obscure, but check out “Life at These Speeds” by Jeremy Jackson. Fictional story of a midwestern teenager that copes with tragedy by losing himself in his running. On par with Once a Runner, and I know that may be viewed as a sacriligeous statement by many.” – Jon May


Recommendations that people sent in on Twitter: 

“Really enjoyed ‘Bowerman and the Men of Oregon'” – Bradley Harris ‏@bradley178   

“2 Fav’s: Runners Guide to the Meaning of Life – Amby Burfoot; Great Races, Incredible Places 100+ Fantastic Runs – Kim Puntillo” – Wild Runs ‏@WildRuns

“‘To Be a Runner’ by @martinjdugard. Literally every emotion I feel about running, between 2 covers. ‪#favoriterunningbook‬”
– A Boots ‏@Running_Boots     


Recommendations people posted on Facebook:

“ultra marathon man-Dean Karnazes”
– Eric Hubert

“Eat and Run by Scott Jurek, RUN! by Dean Karnazes, and Lore of Running by Timothy Noakes”
– Jim Courville

  • “The Perfect Mile” audiobook made for an awesome training partner this summer. Anything by George Sheehan should be on the list, but especially his earlier books. Marshall Ulrich’s “Running On Empty” is strong, much better than Jurek’s book. I could go on…

    And thanks, Kev!